Karkogel snow report

Snow depth in the valley: 0 cm
Snow depth Karkogel: 0 cm
Snow depth Postalm: 40 cm

Last snowfall: February 23, 2024
Current weather data for Abtenau:   21.6 ° C

General Information


Please no dogs on the cross-country ski trails (neither classic nor skating). Exception: dog trail on the Postalm.

Our winter hiking trails are available for pedestrians - not the cross-country ski trails! Thank you for your understanding!

Snow texture:  -
fresh snow (last 24h)
: 0 cm
Slope condition: closed

Karkogel toboggan run: closed

Open facilities Karkogel


self departure1 Karalm descent
self departure1 Family run
self departure1 Karalm ski path
self departure2 Fis descent
self departure2 Professional racetrack
self departure2 Professional downhill
self departure1 Lower Sonnleiten
self departure1 Rear Sonnleiten
self departure1 Upper Sonnleiten


sb lift5 Combined lift "Karkogel"
sb lift2 “Karalm” drag lift
sb lift1 "Obere Sonnleiten" pommel lift
sb lift1 "Sonnleiten 1" pommel lift
sb lift1 "Sonnleiten 2" pommel lift


self-loipe2 Au track 2 2,5
self-loipe2 Additional Auloipe 1,5 km
self-loipe2 Au track 1 4,5 km
self-loipe2 Floodlit trail 1,3 km
self-loipe2 Connecting trail floodlit Auloipe 1,5 km
self-loipe1 Rossbühel trail 3,2 km
self-loipe1 Egelsee trail 6,2 km
self-loipe2 Connecting trail Egelsee-Fischbach 1,7 km
self-loipe1 Radochsberg hiking trail 5,9 km
self-loipe1 Flutlicht-Fischbachloipe connecting trail 2 km
self-loipe1 Fischbach trail 7 km