Abtenau healing water

Here is the public fountain for the Abtenau healing water

The Abtenau healing water

A very special water rises five kilometers east of the center of Abtenau: the Abtenau healing water.
It is a sodium-calcium-chloride-sulphate mineral spring which flows from the Anna spring and the St. Rupert spring. The two springs (Anna and St. Rupertus spring) are identical in mineral composition and produce a discharge of around 1,5 liters per second, which would be enough for around 350 bathtubs of 400 liters each day. Based on the test report of the Austrian Research Center, the following table shows the main ingredients of the medicinal water:

1100 mg / l

 740 mg / l

1751 mg / l

2001 mg / l





Fountain of Youth BERG study

In this study, the Institute for Ecomedicine's Paracelsus Medical Private University Salzburg an People aged 65+ investigates whether and how sustainable mountain hiking and spa bathing affect the aging process of the immune system and balance. The present results of this randomized controlled clinical study have for the first time provided the medical proof of effectiveness that all three medicinal waters in combination with a hiking holiday start a sustainable rejuvenation process in the immune system of older people within seven days. Vitality, balance and working memory improve and muscle mass is built up.

Helper cells are important regulators of the immune system and help to start new immune defenses. The number of helper cells decreases with age. The formation of new helper cells is a sign of the rejuvenation of the immune system. We need naive helper cells and naive cytotoxic cells in order to be able to react to unknown pathogens and cancer cells. Their regeneration is also a sign of rejuvenation and an indicator of a more effective immune system.

Advantages of a fountain of youth vacation

These benefits come with a week-long Fountain of Youth mountain vacation with spas and Hiking compared to a standard holiday:

  • strengthens balance and improves working memory
  • rejuvenates components of the immune system T helper cells and cytotoxic T cells)
  • builds muscle mass and lean mass
  • increases the physical vitality for half a year through better oxygen transport in the blood
  • increases walking speed and, in the long term, the number of steps per minute
  • reduces inflammatory processes in the body
  • improves health-related quality of life

Unfortunately, there is currently no adequate infrastructure available for bathing in Abtenau's medicinal water, but a holistic and sustainable concept for a fountain of youth competence center is already being worked on. A fountain of youth holiday in Abtenau should soon be possible for everyone.


The history of the Abtenau medicinal water

In the summer of 1863, chief forester Hermann Ringel, who was working at the foot of the "Zwieselalm", discovered the source of Abtenau's medicinal water by chance. The somewhat salty-bitter water immediately aroused the interest of the Duke's valet, who acquired the grounds around the spring and had the highly mineralized water examined.

As early as 1871 a hotel with bathrooms, the so-called "Zwieselbad", was built, which in turn was taken over by Peter Robert Badrutt in 1913 and adapted to the most modern standards. Inhalations, drinking cures and balneo-therapeutic applications were already being carried out at that time. The indications of the cures covered a wide range of diseases, for example chronic skin diseases, rickets, gallstones, chronic gastric catarrh and many more.

In the 1930s the Abtenau-Bad reached its peak, the water was bottled and even exported beyond the borders. Like so many spas and health resorts, the Abtenau baths fell victim to the war and were increasingly being forgotten.