Graduation system - Russbach

General information

In the graduation facility in the Russbach water park, brine fog trickles over the pine branches from our local alpine pastures. The air enriched with brine and essential oils has a particularly beneficial effect on the respiratory tract. This combination is unique in all of Austria.
The finely sprayed brine from the depths of the Hallein salt mountains has a particular effect on the respiratory tract. Conscious breathing promotes this effect. The brine allows you to breathe more freely and it also promotes blood circulation. The graduation system works like a stay in the sea air. The system is particularly suitable for bronchitis, pollen allergy sufferers and asthmatics. The brine is finely divided by trickling over the pine boxes and additionally strengthened by the essential oils of the needles. In conjunction with brine, the mountain pine oils help against colds, runny nose and coughs. Fine oils in the air have a calming and mood-enhancing effect.
The use of half an hour a day is particularly beneficial.