Waterfalls in Abtenau

General information

The deeply cut Lammertal, the numerous caves in the Tennengebirge, countless streams, rivers and lakes: the abundance and primal power of water can be seen and experienced at every step during your holiday in Abtenau. In the district of Au bei Abtenau there are two impressive waterfalls, the Dachser and Tricklfalls, as well as a well-tended Kneipp facility. Another impressive waterfall awaits amazed hikers in Voglau, close to the ancient Lammeröfen.

Hiking trail to the Au Kneipp facility and the Abtenau waterfalls

Start your hike directly at the market square in Abtenau. You can reach the district of Au within 30 minutes. A hiking trail leads from the Aumühle in the direction of the Dachser and Trickl falls. If you turn off, you can first continue to the Au Kneipp facility. Refresh yourself with the cool mountain water and take a break here! There is a short stretch back on the way before it branches off to the waterfalls. You reach the Dachserfall first; A narrow path leads to the Tricklfall. Several small approaches bring you very close to the raging water of the falls! You return to Aumühle on a leisurely hiking trail.

Aubachfall in Voglau and the mystical Lammerklamm

The Aubachfall in Voglau is undoubtedly one of the most impressive waterfalls in Tennengau: The water plunges many meters down here, causing not only a loud roar, but also the refreshing spray that gives the air a moist coolness. A stay at a waterfall in Abtenau is a refreshing experience, especially on warm summer days.