Cancellation conditions & travel insurance

cancellation conditions

Guidelines for room cancellations according to Austrian Hotel Regulations

Both parties (Guest and Proprietor) may respind the Accommodation Agreement by means of a unilateral declaration by 3 months ago the agreed date of arrival of the guest without being liable to pay a cancellation fee.

Up to one month before the agreed date of arrival of the Guest, the Accommodation Agreement may be canceled by either party by unilateral declaration, but a cancellation fee in the amount of the room price for three days must be paid. This must also be disbursed by the proprietor if the cancellation is made by him.

A later cancellation is connected with the payment of the agreed fee (the full rental fee). The proprietor must deduct what he has saved as a result of non-use of his services or what he has obtained by renting these rooms elsewhere!

Please note that many landlords have different cancellation conditions in their business!

European travel insurance for your holiday

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At our proprietors, cancellations are charged according to their terms and conditions.

To save costs, we recommend that you enter a "Hotel Cancellation Plus" insurance. This insurance covers not only cancellation costs and interruption of the trip, but also delayed arrival, eg due to car breakdown, involuntary holiday extension as well as search and rescue costs (incl. helicopter rescue)!

You can obtain further information and options for the uncomplicated conclusion of the insurance with our partner, the European Travel Insurance, here.


Austrian Hotel Regulations

Here you will find the general guidelines in case of cancellation.


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