Themed hiking trails

On the way on the "path of life" around the Egelsee

Diverse landscape, abundance of flora & fauna: the Egelsee

The stage setting of nature couldn't be more perfect: The dark, mysterious, densely reed-surrounded Egelsee lies in the middle of a gentle hilly landscape, in the background of which the steep, steep cliffs of the Tennengebirge tower up. Songbirds and water birds, amphibians, snakes and numerous fish populate the mystical Egelsee and the meadows and forests all around. The “life path” leads over sunny meadows and through shady forest and with a little luck hikers can watch grazing deer or a gray heron catching fish.

On the 5 km long “life path” you can walk around the picturesque Egelsee near Abtenau in around 2 hours. But this little hike is more than a wonderful walk: Am Circular route around the Egelsee experience the unique natural and cultural landscape of the protected landscape area near Abtenau, which has been designated since 1971. The start and finish point of the "Path of Life" is right in the center of Abtenau.

Abtenau Egelsee (c) Tourist Office Abtenau
See, feel, know: information on the Egelsee nature trail

While hiking around the Egelsee, learn more about the interplay of cultural landscape and undisturbed natural space and the fragile balance between economic area and landscape protection area. Several information boards provide information about the living conditions in ditches and streams, in the spruce forest and in the commercial grassland as well as about the animals and plants at the Egelsee near Abtenau.

The dwarf forest - a little paradise for little guests!

Snow White, the 7 dwarfs, Little Red Riding Hood and the dwarf boss make children's hearts beat faster. In Kirchholz in Abtenau you will encounter many different dwarfs and fairy tale characters on the short hiking trail. The approx. 500 m long path offers a good one Excursion destination for young and old explorers. The children run excitedly from dwarf to dwarf and always discover something new.

Above all spruce trees and a meadow at the beginning line the easily accessible path that is suitable for prams. Benches invite you to rest and watch. Here and there a woodpecker knocks, blackbirds sing their song and sometimes a startled deer or a squirrel flee. The dwarf forest is worth a visit whatever the weather. Are you curious? Start your dwarf tour right in the center - walk up the hill between the Raiffeisenbank Abtenau and the Hotel Post and turn left at the top into the realm of dwarfs and fairy tale characters!

Information and relaxation on the herbal nature trail

The Abtenau herbal educational trail is idyllically situated at the foot of the Tennengebirge below the Dachser Falls and was created by the "Friends of a natural way of life" created.
Together with the show beehive, the waterfall and the nearby Kneipp facility, it is a very special nature experience.